VSL per

Four column lift for demanding industrial applications
Up to 3000 kg
The VSL is a lift system with 4 lifting columns, on which a conveyor cage, a platform or a user-specific device (supporting frame, lifting frame) starts up. The columns are arranged in pairs opposite one another. And either on the short or on the long basket sides, since no drive elements pass through the platform! With this unique feature, the possibilities are almost unlimited! The VSL has a payload of up to 3000 kg and can be designed for lifting heights of up to 12 m.

A wide variety of load suspension devices with variable platform width and length is possible. Only the statics ultimately set the limits. Platform lifts, cycle stands, jig structures, and much more are possible. In the case of conventionally constructed conveyor baskets, the basket enclosure is standard 1100 mm high with a filling made of stable welded mesh. Basket access doors are arranged in a user-specific manner and are of course connected to the lift control system with limit switches. Larger basket enclosures are also possible in many ways, right up to the complete conveyor cage. It is also possible to schedule the systems in production processes.

Such systems always result from close consultations between the customer and our technicians. We build your individual material lift. Talk to us!

By default, the VSL is completely enclosed as a self-running lift system. Each floor has the corresponding floor doors as well as all necessary fixed housings made of machine protection grilles. The storey doors are integrated into the system via an electrical security lock and can only be opened when the conveyor basket is in front of them.

An extensive range of accessories enables you to have a lift system that is perfectly tailored to your needs!

Extract from our range of accessories:

  • customized conveyor cage sizes;
  • a large variety of ramps to the high-floor baskets (as a fixed floor ramp, moving rigid ramp or traveling folding ramp);
  • additional or differently arranged conveyor basket doors (single-leaf or double-leaf);
  • special basket openings;
  • increase in the support basket guard;
  • a large variety of floor doors with other opening types (sliding doors, roller doors, high-speed roller doors) to match the conveyor basket doors;
  • increased lifting speed (8,4 m / min.) With soft start, soft stop;
  • additional optical signaling via rotating beacon;
  • the device is clocked into an external controller;

and much more…

Manufactured according to Europ. Machinery Directive 2006/42 / EC and EN 81/31 including all storey access doors and required enclosures made of machine safety grids

Load capacitymax. 3000kg
Lifting heightto 12.000mm
Lifting / lowering speed (standard)standard 4,2 (optional 8,4)m / min.
ControlAutomatic control
with control points on all floors
Minimum conveyor cage length (external dimension)1700mm
Maximum conveyor cage length (external dimension)6000mm
Minimum conveyor cage width (external dimension)1700mm
Maximum conveyor cage width (external dimension)4000mm
Construction height of conveyor cage (external dimension)1180mm
Enclosure height conveyor cage (internal dimension)1100 mm
Horsepower2 2,2 x / x 2 4,0kW
Control voltage24V
ProtectionIP 54
Connection values400 (3PH + N + PE / 50Hz)V
Start-up modeSoft start / soft stop
Motor dataS1 motor (continuously running)
Conveyor cage / meanscustomizable
Advantages that convince!

  • Simple planning through our modular system
  • Space-saving and low-wear chain drive
  • No special structural work required
  • Departure slope or shallow pit depth (120 mm)
  • Infinitely variable lifting height adjustment up to 12 m
  • All column lifts are designed for continuous operation (S1 motor)
  • Electro-mechanical drive (gear motor + chain)
  • No separate machine room required;
  • Very quiet running
  • No trained staff required (comparison forklifts)
  • Reduces absenteeism due to accidents and illness
  • Low maintenance
  • Can be set up outdoors


Planning guide

Planning-relevant comments on the conception and installation of WEP-Weisshaupt SLS pro column lift systems can be found on the "Planning aid" page.

Freight elevators

VSL per

Four column lift for demanding industrial applications
Up to 3000 kg
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