Single column lift as a multi-talent

payload up to 500 kg.

The first expansion stage of the kit is the ESL, or "single column lift". The name says it all: the ESL is a lift system with 1 lifting column, on which a conveying cage is raised. The ESL has a standard payload of 500 kg (other payloads on request) and can be designed for lifting heights of up to 12 m.

  • The standard conveyor cage has internal dimensions of 1000 mm x 1600 mm (external dimensions 1100 mm x 1700 mm) and offers space for a Euro pallet with a lift truck. It has a flat floor (15 mm thick with a ramp on the loading side of the bottom floor) that allows easy access and avoids a floor recess. The basket protection is 1100 mm high and consists of stable welded mesh. By default, the cage protection is fixed on three sides with a single-leaf ejection door, optionally on one of the two short cage sides. The basket door is secured with a limit switch and integrated into the lift control.

    By default, the ESL is designed as a fully enclosed, self-running lift system. Each floor has appropriate landing doors and all required fixed enclosures of machine guards. The storey doors are system-integrated and can only be opened when the hoisting cage is in front of it, thanks to an electric safety lock.

    An extensive range of accessories enables a tailor-made lift system that is perfectly tailored to your needs!

  • Manufactured in accordance with Machinery Directive 2006/42/EG and DIN EN 81/31 for accessible goods lifts including all storey access doors and necessary enclosures made of machine guards.


    • safety gear
    • Duplex chain drive with 4x safety factor
    • Electromechanical engine brake
    • chain tension sensor
    • electrically locked landing doors
    • optional active overload protection
    • upper emergency limit switch;
    • thermal motor protection;
  • An extensive range of equipment enables you to have a lift system that is perfectly tailored to your needs!

    Excerpt from our equipment program:

    • Custom cage sizes in 100mm increments
    • Additional or differently arranged cage doors (single leaf or double leaf)
    • Special basket openings, if necessary Loading and unloading around the corner
    • increase in the support basket guard;
    • a large variety of floor doors with other opening types (sliding doors, roller doors, high-speed roller doors) to match the conveyor basket doors;
    • Increased lifting speed (8,4 m / min.) With soft start / soft stop;
    • Additional visual signaling
    • Integration of the system into an external controller

    and much more…


    Load capacity max. 500 kg
    Lifting height to 12.000 mm
    Lifting / lowering speed (standard) standard 4,2 (optional 8,4) m / min.
    Control Automatic control with control points on all floors
    Installation height of the conveyor cage floor 15 mm (flat floor) or 80 mm (raised floor) - depending on the cage size  
    Minimum conveyor cage length (external dimension) 500 mm
    Maximum conveyor cage length (external dimension) 1700 mm
    Minimum conveyor cage width (external dimension) 400 mm
    Maximum conveyor cage width (external dimension) 1700 mm
    Enclosure height conveyor cage 1100 – 2000 mm
    Horsepower from 1,1 kW
    Control voltage 24 V
    Protection IP 54 to IP 66  
    Connection values 400V (3PH+N+PE/50Hz)  
    Start-up mode Soft start / soft stop  
    Motor data S1 motor (continuously running)  
  • Advantages that convince!

    • Simple planning thanks to our modular building block system
    • Space-saving and low-wear chain drive
    • No special structural work required
    • approach incline or shallow pit depth
    • Infinitely variable lifting height adjustment up to 12 m
    • All column lifts are designed for continuous operation (S1 motor)
    • Electro-mechanical drive (gear motor + chain)
    • No separate machine room required;
    • Very quiet running
    • No trained staff required (comparison forklifts)
    • Reduces absenteeism due to accidents and illness
    • Low maintenance
    • Can be set up outdoors

3D model

Augmented Reality

Visualize the ESL Pro in your environment!

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